76-Yr-Old Susan Sarandon Wears A Black Bra On The Red Carpet

There are many things that we consider to be a part of us personally. We may think about the way we look or perhaps the way we speak but there are also things that we can change, such as the clothing that we wear.

There are plenty of people out there willing to give fashion advice but not everybody is willing to hear it. In fact, clothing is something that is so important to us personally that sometimes, we just want to do our own thing and we don’t care what others think about it.

It seems as if Susan Sarandon is somebody who understands this all too well. She is well-known on the screen as well as in her personal life as being somebody who doesn’t hold back and isn’t afraid to ruffle a feather or two. Recently, this was seen in a rather interesting way.

The actress made an appearance on the red carpet and she managed to get some people upset in the process. There were those who would criticize her choices because she is 76 years old, but she was there to put them in their place.

Perhaps you remember Susan Sarandon from the part she played in the 1975 call classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She played the part of Janet Weiss and she is easily recognizable. She even won an Academy Award for the part she played in Dead Men Walking.

Something else that she is known for is body positivity. Perhaps that is why she did not feel bad wearing a white jacket with a black bra on the red carpet. Some people, however, said that it was totally inappropriate but she turned the tables.

She went on social media to share an old picture of herself wearing only panties and showing off her physique. If pictures can speak a thousand words, she was saying a million.

She said: “When your sense of time has an ending and isn’t finite, like how it feels when you’re young.”

She also had the following to say when people asked how she kept herself looking young. “If you want to age gracefully, probably laugh a lot, get the normal amount of exercise, eat well, and stay out of the sun would be the main thing.”

In the end, it was her decision to wear what she wanted to wear and she has no regrets.

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