20 People Of Christmas Come Together To Make Us Laugh

Christmas is a time of year when people tend to get together to enjoy some food and fun. It seems as if everybody is in a good mood, and sometimes they show it in the funniest ways.

Much of this includes traditions that are passed on in the family from one generation to the next. Others are simply pictures that are just too funny not to share.

The following images show Christmas at its very best. Whether it is a Christmas postcard or a picture of a Christmas tradition, it is sure to bring a smile to your face.

#1 Every Year, I Dye My Beard And Take On The Persona Of Santa For December.

#2 Amongst My Dad’s Christmas Decorations Is A Set Of Porcelain Angels In A Box Marked “Christmas Angles”

#3 I Photoshopped Myself As My Own Awkward Family For My Holiday Card (Yes, Every Person Is Me)

#4 My Daughter Bringing Home The Christmas Tree

#5 My Friends And I Got Our Christmas Pictures Taken At JCPenney. This Is Still My Favoritea

#6 We Made Our Holiday Card Look Like Junk Mail. It Worked Because Everyone Threw It Out By Accident

#7 Every Year I Get Dressed Up For Work On Christmas Eve. Year 8 Coming At You

#8 Today Is Grinch Day In My Daughter’s Class At School. She’s Been Giggling Uncontrollably Since My Wife Did Her Hair

#9 Mom Said The Dinosaur Wrapping Paper Wasn’t Christmassy Enough For My Secret Santa, So Now I’m Putting Santa Hats On Them

#10 Hope She Left Some Music For Him Too

#11 A Card My Daughter Made. Santa, A Reindeer, And A Melted Snowman

#12 My Boyfriend And I Are Having Our First Christmas Since We Moved In Together. This Is Our Christmas Tree. We’re Young And Poor

#13 Amazon Didn’t Deliver One Of My Daughter’s Gifts On Time. I Guess We’re Going To See How Long It Takes For Her To Notice Santa Dropped One

#14 Our Christmas Lights This Year

#15 Christmas Card Of A Single Woman

#16 Christmas In Hawaii

#17 My 10-Year-Old Sister’s Christmas Card To Me Was The Grinch Stealing Baby Jesus

#18 Every Year I Give My Wife A Hunky Guy Calendar With My Face Pasted On All The Guys

#19 Santa Upgraded His Sleigh

#20 No More Christmas Wrapping Supplies Left At The Store, So My Daughter Made This

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