Amanda Bynes From ‘She’s The Man’ Explains Her Dramatic Appearance Shift

When most people think about Amanda Bynes, they think about the role that she played in the movie, She’s the Man. She was wildly popular at that time, but she basically fell off the scene for about 10 years or so.

These days, Amanda is back and she is becoming popular in the entertainment industry again. There is a noticeable difference, however, and that is the fact that she has different physical looks than what you may remember.

Now that she has her own podcast, the Amanda Bynes and Paul Siemunski podcast, she did a little explaining as to how her looks have changed. In the first episode, she talked to a tattoo artist about Amanda’s choice to have a tattoo done on her face.

Most people were surprised in 2019 when she had it done but these days, she claims that nobody cares anymore if people have face tattoos and went on to say ‘it shouldn’t matter.’

Her career got started in the 1990s with the show The Amanda Bynes Show and eventually, she would play on movies, such as She’s the Man, and Hairspray.

10 years have passed since he really showed up in the public eye and most people don’t know much about her personal life or the challenges she faced. She was busy in the background, earning an associate’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and getting her face tattoo.

ather than just keep quiet about it, she decided to address the elephant in the room right away. She said that she had gone through a procedure most often called an eye lift, and it did work to boost her self-esteem.

She said that she suddenly felt better in her own skin, so she wanted to talk about it to clear up why she has the new look. She says she’s feeling better about herself and she’s glad she had the surgery.

It will be interesting to see what else she has to reveal. One thing we know for sure, things change over time and it’s nice to see that she is rolling with the punches.

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