Oliver Anthony Fans Pack Fairgrounds: “This Is America”

Oliver Anthony has been on a roll recently. First with his mega hit “Rich Men North Of Richmond”, then turning down big money contracts, Fox News, Target, etc. And people love him. America loves him. He played a fair recently and it sold out within minutes.

He played a Virginia fairgrounds recently and the crowd was jam packed. So many people came that they had to start turning fans away. There were thousands of patriotic country music fans that wanted to hear him sing and feel the movement he was starting.

People from all over the south and even from Pennsylvania and New Jersey came to pay homage to the grassroots country star. There were American flags and cowboy hats everywhere! It was truly a sight to see!

Fans cheered during “North of Richmond” so loud that the ground shook. He played some other songs too but nobody knew what they were and honestly I’m not gonna look up what they were. I’m not a fan. But you are, because you have shitty taste in music. Enjoy I guess.

Country fan Sandy Batt and her cousin lover Joe Barron saved up their money to go see Oliver Anthony. They swung and swayed and kinda danced, eating fudge rounds and waving their trump flags, not understanding that Mr Anthony isn’t one of them. It’s quite the spectacle to witness.

Meanwhile throughout the concert, country music fans held their sisters and cousins tight, on the look out for any gay or trans people there because in their minds it’s unnatural, completely missing that sleeping with family is disgusting but hey what’s being a right winger without being obtuse or understanding irony.

In any case, once again, a rousing success for the mindless Neanderthals who hate everything and will give their last dime to someone they think shares their views or has been arrested 4 times in the last few months. God bless America.

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