Kid Rock Sets His Sights On Target: “Wait Til You See What’s Coming”

Kid Rock sent a message to the woke folks running the disgraced Target Corporation from the main stage at the Piughkipsee County Fair last night:

“You think what I did to Bud Light was bad? Just you wait, Target. Kid Rock is coming for you.”

We caught up with Kid after the show to get some of his thoughts on what he might have in mind.

“I’m not sure yet,” he told ALLOD correspondent Skip Tetheludah, “but it’s gonna be awesome.”

He discussed several possibilities that included another cool scene with his bump stock, but then moved on to more original ideas. “I want to stay fresh, you know?” he asked Skip, “I’m thinking of something more in the flamethrower spectrum.”

Picture it, patriots, Kid Rock, a flamethrower, and a bunch of merchandise he purchased from a store he’s trying to harm, that already doesn’t cater to his meth head fan base. It’s nothing but pure inspiration to watch.

Kid says he’ll probably do the act on stage to boost ticket sales. “Not that we’re doing poorly, but Taylor Swift tickets are selling for thousands half an hour after she goes on and there are shady guys in the parking lot outside my shows scalping floor seats for 60 bucks.”

An all-out assault on some Target merchandise will definitely help. God Bless America.

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