In Hollywood, it’s not unusual for fortunes to rise and fall like the tides, and Kevin Bacon’s journey is one of those tales of resilience, love, and unexpected turns.

Once the “It” boy of the ’80s and ’90s, known for his roles in iconic films like “Footloose,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Apollo 13,” Bacon’s star status seemed like an eternal glow in the cinematic cosmos. Yet, beneath the spotlight, a financial storm was brewing that would test his mettle and lead him to unexpected pastures.

In a revealing interview on the podcast Smartless, Bacon disclosed a chapter of his life that few knew about. He revealed that he had entrusted “most” of his wealth to Bernie Madoff, the infamous financier responsible for orchestrating the largest financial fraud in U.S. history, totaling a staggering $64.8 billion.

Madoff’s criminal web unraveled in 2009 when he pleaded guilty to 11 federal felonies, including securities fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering. He had defrauded countless clients, leaving them in financial ruins. In 2021, the disgraced financier passed away in prison at the age of 82, leaving a legacy of deception and destruction.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick’s Farm Life and Serenading the Goats In the face of financial turmoil, Bacon and his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, held their heads high. They adopted an attitude of resilience, rolling up their sleeves to face the challenges head-on. Bacon’s words reflected a deep sense of perspective, acknowledging that while they had suffered losses, many others were in far worse situations, with their retirement funds decimated.

Instead of bowing down to defeat, the couple decided that as long as their family was healthy, they could work their way up. And that’s when they left for their North Western Connecticut farm and embarked on an unexpected adventure – farming. Bacon’s journey to farm life was far from planned.

Raised as a city kid in Philadelphia, his fascination with horses began in his youth. However, it wasn’t until a visit to Connecticut with his then-girlfriend that the idea of farm ownership took root. While playfully pretending to be interested in buying a house, they stumbled upon a run-down farmhouse, and the rest is history.

Bacon has expanded the property over the years, and this farm has offered their family a peaceful oasis during their hard times. Among the farm’s residents is a group of goats, and Bacon’s interaction with these creatures is nothing short of heartwarming. Bacon, who is not just an actor but also a musician, has a special way of bonding with his goats – through song.

Yes, you read that right. Bacon serenades his goats with his musical talents. As he strums his guitar and sings, the goats gather ’round, seemingly enchanted by the melodies. It’s a sight that perfectly captures the harmonious blend of Hollywood charisma and rural charm that defines Bacon’s life today.

A Family That Laughs Together… For Bacon and Sedgwick, their enduring love story has been an anchor throughout life’s ups and downs. Married for 35 years, they’ve weathered the storms of fame and financial woes together, all while nurturing their son Travis, 33, and daughter Sosie, 31. In Sedgwick’s words, they’ve been each other’s “biggest support and fans.”

But it’s not just love that has sustained their marriage; it’s their shared sense of humor. According to Sedgwick, “A sense of humor is crucial,” and she attested to her husband’s wit, describing him as “very freaking funny.” The couple also enjoy their time on their farm singing together.

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