Funnyman Adam Sandler Speaks Out: “Wokeness Destroyed Comedy”

Adam Sandler is the brilliant mind behind some of the funniest movies of all time. Unfortunately, he says funny movies like his are a “thing of the past.”

“Wokeness killed comedy,” said Sandler, “I was at a party last week and some girl throttled me for about 15 minutes about how wrong it was to make fun of The Waterboy’s disability. I reminded her that Little Nikki was also a bit sped and it was very insensitive to leave him out.”

The woke mob is, indeed, changing the face of comedy. Can you imagine someone saying “She’s the devil” in a comedy today? You’d have Democrats writing laws eliminating all religion from Hollywood except maybe the Satanic Temple and that Spaghetti guy.

“I might have gotten away with Happy Gilmore until the dwarf rides through the scene on a horse. That one’s in the trash bin now until this whole fad boils over.”

Sandler has also taken heat for cultural appropriation for turning Rob Schneider into a Hawaiian as well as a Cajun guy on several occasions. “Billy Madison,” the movie that sees a spoiled rich brat fall in love with a hot blonde, is shelved for not having enough minorities. “That’s just wrong,” Sandler commented, “we ate at the taco trucks every day.”

The Farrelly brothers say they, too are having a hard time ever since they allowed “retard” into “There’s Something About Mary.” You’d think people would have been more upset about the ear spooge,” said Ben Stiller at the time.

Sandler doesn’t believe his artform will ever grace the big screen again. God bless you, sir, for all you’ve done. And God Bless America.

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