Elon Musk Says He’ll Publish the Entire Contents of Hunter Biden’s Laptop on Twitter

Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk says it’s about time the American people see exactly what’s on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. He claims he was sent a full copy from his good friend Julian Assange and that the right thing to do is to publish it in its entirety.

“This thing is full of deception, lies, and what looks to me like tradecraft,” said Musk, “we can’t let the American people stay in the dark.”

According to the Justice Department, the laptop doesn’t exist and people should stop masking, but the world’s wealthiest man disagrees. He believes the contents can shed some real light on what it was like to be a guy trying to not smoke crack. We reached out to Lawrence Taylor for comment.

Musk says he’s having his team compile the hard drive into a watchable video set to Sarah McGlaughlin’s “I Will Remember You.”

The compilation should be up before Christmas and available for rent for about $8.

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