Tesla v Milano: Elon Musk Files $200 Million Defamation Suit

Elon Musk isn’t just a person with a lot of money and his own social media platform. He’s also the owner of two huge companies.

So when you trash him and one of those enterprises, the lawyers take over. That’s what just happened to has-been actress and activist Alyssa Milano.

Milano decided to trade in her Tesla for an electric Volkswagon because of her dislike for Elon Musk. Unfortunately, along the way she said some pretty cruel and mean things about both the man and the car.

“She can say what she wants about me,” said Musk, “but don’t trash the Tesla. The government has billions and billions invested in the company and when you disparage it, you open yourself up to lawsuits.”

Experts predict that Milano will either settle or lose, costing her the bulk of the $700K she still has in the bank from “Charmed.” She says she’s not concerned, however, and that Musk’s day will come.

“The power of the woke will come for Elon Musk,” she said at a wokeness rally in San Fransisco, “and if we stay strong, nobody will ever buy a Tesla again.” Musk’s lawyers served her a cease and desist at the end of the rally.

Looks like Ms. Milano will never learn.

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