NASCAR Drops ‘Woke’ Budweiser Sponsorship

It looks like “going woke, going broke” has now become a reality for beer manufacturer Anheuser-Busch. After hiring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson, and even printing his/ her/ it’s face on a can of Bud Light, sports institution Nascar has dropped it’s nearly 88 million dollar sponsorship of the sudsy beverage.

Bud Light is in trouble for the “woke” move, and it’s no secret. Across the internet, old and irrelevant conservative personalities like Kid Rock have been seen shooting up cases of the Award winning brew, which, really, didn’t do anything because he already bought it. I mean, they HAVE your money.

Many fat and lethargic beer drinkers have made the diabetes-influenced decision to switch to Coors Light instead, driving that company’s stock up 68%. But, as we’ll see in an upcoming article as well, Coors is also woke, with their rainbow advertising and cans featuring photos of naked drag queen Ru Paul.

So is there no escape from “woke beer?” We asked drunken man-about-town and professional pickpocket Joe Barron.

“Theresh a lots of people what don’t like the transgender feller or madam on their cans. People collect them cans, doncha know. They build shit out of them. Beds. Terlets. All kinds of shit. I got a beer can car, but it don’t drive none. Not because of the cans. Because it’s a Ford.”

Ford or not, at least the car company will be visible to millions in Nascar. Bud Light? Well, not anymore.

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