Hannity Files $10 Million Suit Against Stormy Daniels: “She Should Have Left Me Out Of It”

Sean Hannity never asked to be included in Stormy Daniels’ subterfuge. Never once did he capitulate to her demonstrably false narratives nor did he use pejorative to describe her physically, morally, or socially.

Why then, Did the porn star write a book trashing him for his role in something he wasn’t involved in?
It makes no sense. Stormy Daniels is using the power of the liberal media to spread lies and Hannity was the target far too many times.

“She can’t just say things like that about me,” Hannity told Fox News, “it’s not just wrong and immoral, it also hurts my feelings.”

Hannity shed a single tear and moved onto other issues.

His lawyer, Joe Barron, however, couldn’t wait to talk about the suit and how much he’s looking forward to ruining the woman responsible for an indictment against a former president for the first time in history.

“This woman did the unthinkable,” said Barron, “not only did she threaten to squeal that he has a tiny mushroom penis, she also made fun of pizzas with little pepperoni pizzas on them. For that, she should be deported.

Daniels’ lawyer, David Avenatti, is in jail for being a douchebag and was never a good person. We don’t really have an angle for that. But it doesn’t matter. She probably found someone else.

That’s how our justice system works, apparently, patriots. Shameful.

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