“The View” Fans Side With Whoopi Goldberg After She Goes Off During Hot Topics Convo About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

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With Taylor Swift dating Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce at the forefront of what feels like everyone’s minds, a lot of opinions have been dished out about the two. Well, Whoopi Goldberg just shared her thoughts on the subject.

During an October 2 taping of The View, Taylor and Travis’ newfound romance was a subject during the Hot Topics segment. As co-hosts Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro raved about the Grammy winner supporting her rumored beau at the NFL star’s October 1 game against the New York Jets, Goldberg appeared to be baffled by everyone’s sudden fascination with the sport.

What’s more, she couldn’t help but voice what she thought was the most important part of the entire conversation.

“What about the football?” she repeatedly asked with her cast mates looking shocked by the question. “The reason no one’s answering your question is because we don’t really care about the football,” Hostin replied.

Upon hearing Hostin’s response, the Sister Act alum got heated by the fact no one wanted to talk about the game. As a result, Goldberg said she loved Swift, but turned to the producers to lament about the fact the topic was even approved for discussion on the air.

“Here’s my response to that: why did we pick this to talk about?” she reacted. “Unfortunately for me, I have to say all of this stuff. I’m expected to say what it’s based on… No one wants to talk about [football]. They want to talk about Taylor Swift.”

Despite Swift being one of the most famous musicians in the world, fans surprisingly resonated with Goldberg’s frustration.

“Omg!!! I care about the football,” one person wrote on YouTube. “I’m with Whoopi! Why don’t we focus on Disney helping kids with football,” another agreed, referencing the media company starting an alternate presentation of live games with Toy Story Funday Football. “They talk about everything but football 😂😂😂 I get why Whoopi was mad. But Taylor for presidency,” a different viewer added.

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