Guinness Vacates Lia Thomas’ World Records: “It’s The Right Thing To Do”

In a shocking turn of events, the Editor in Chief of Guinness World Records, Joe Barron, announced today that the organization would be vacating all records held by Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer who made waves in the world of sports. The decision comes after months of debate and controversy surrounding Thomas’ eligibility to compete in women’s swimming competitions.

Barron explained, “While we understand the importance of inclusivity in sports, we also recognize the need to maintain the integrity of our records. After careful consideration and consultation with experts, we have decided to vacate all records held by Lia Thomas to ensure a level playing field for all athletes.”

The decision sent shockwaves through the sports world, sparking heated debates on social media and in the mainstream media.

Supporters of Thomas argued that her achievements should be recognized, while others expressed concerns about the fairness of her participation.

As the news spread, athletes from various backgrounds weighed in on the decision. Some applauded Guinness World Records for taking a stand, while others criticized the move as discriminatory. The controversy only seemed to intensify, with no end in sight to the ongoing debate.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Joe Barron held a press conference the following day to reveal that the entire announcement had been an elaborate prank. “We wanted to remind everyone not to take things too seriously, especially in the world of sports,” Barron said with a grin.

“Silly taters” he exclaimed, bringing a collective sigh of relief to the sports community. God Bless America.

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