Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick celebrate 35th anniversary with intimate throwback photo – and everyone is saying the same thing

One of the few Hollywood couples, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary and are openly showing their love for one another on social media.

They gave an intimate glimpse into their early years as they celebrated 35 years of marriage. To learn more, continue reading.

The marriage of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick has lasted 35 years. They both have a reputation for posting adorable things about one another on Instagram, and this particular time was obviously no different. They both shared pictures from their early married lives.

Kyra is seated in Kevin Bacon’s lap in a cute photo in which he is sitting shirtless and giving her a forehead kiss. He stated, “35 years feels like a heartbeat,” in the caption. #Anniversary.”

Rita Wilson left a beautiful comment on the picture, stating, “You guys!happy anniversary Is it really true? The pace is extremely quick! We will shortly turn 36, making us 35.

Additionally, Kyra Sedgwick shared an image of the couple from their earlier years. Kyra is pictured in front of Kevin with her hair pulled back and wearing a letterman jacket. In a black top, Kevin is positioned behind her. She wrote in the caption, “I met a man named Kevin in 1987 while working on the set of ‘Lemon Sky’. Cheers to 35, my love.

The couple has always been open and sincere about their affection for one another. In a previous interview, Bacon described how he was “knocked out” by Sedgwick when they first met.

“I thought she was amazing,” he said, while Sedgwick recounted, “I remember thinking, ‘Oh, he thinks he’s really cool.’” However, the day after their first date, she realized he was on the one. “I remember waking up and going, ‘I feel like home.’” She added, “I realized, ‘Oh, that was him.’”

A plethora of comments said the same thing: how these two are the best couple in Hollywood. One person commented, “the best Hollywood duo for life !” while another added, “My favorite Hollywood couple!” Clearly, they are fan favorites!

Despite not being a big fan of birthdays, Bacon clearly enjoys celebrating his anniversary. When he turned 65 years old earlier this year in July, the actor posted on social media that while he wasn’t a big fan of celebrating his birthday,

His wife did a wonderful job in making the day special for him. He wrote, “Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of my birthday. My wife has made this a beautiful day. She has said recently our marriage is like roast chicken, so she made a perfect chicken for dinner, followed by my favorite–buckwheat banana bread with chocolate icing. Perfect day.”

He posted two pictures, one image where he’s seen with a slice of cake and the second of his roasted chicken. It was such a down-to-earth and lovely celebration of his birthday!

The couple wed in September 1988 and have two children together. They have a 34-year-old son named Travis Bacon and a 31-year-old daughter named Sosie Bacon.

If you like this story, you might also be interested in seeing Sosie Bacon, the daughter of Kevin and Kyra, in her current appearance and how she is carrying on their legacy.

Sincerly, just seeing Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick together is enough to convince any sceptic of the virtues of love. Spread the word so that others can join you in celebrating this amazing achievement for the couple.

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