Every night, a paralyzed woman would quietly observe her husband as he slipped into the garage

A warrior with marks from many battles, found inspiration in his wife’s tears. Brad Soden, despite the challenges coming to him, the desire to create a wheelchair that would match her beauty, was really big. Brad Soden, an individual whose life had been changed by a car accident resulting in paralysis experienced the heartache of missing out on precious moments with their five children during family adventures in nature.

Brad was really determined to do something to relieve her pain, and to restore the joy in their life.
On TODAY, speaking with Matt Lauer, he said, “Her tears push me forward; I will bring about the miracle she longs for.”

Despite his lack of formal education or engineering background, Brad, a plumber by trade, displayed unwavering determination. Brad’s determination resulted in a wheelchair with tank-like treads, helping people conquer all kinds of terrain, even mountains.

“We faced some challenges along the way ” Brad stated. “. Through diligence and determination we quickly resolved them.”

In Lizs words as she spoke with Lauer “Now I can explore trails. Go on camping trips no longer limited to being a mere spectator, in the car while others enjoy playing in the snow.”

The result of his passion project became known as the “Tankchair,” an invention that gave Liz the freedom and independence she longed for. This transformation turned Brads hobby into his career.
“Now I can join in chasing after my children walking beside them of being confined within the vehicle or our home.”

Brad, driven by his nature dreams of gifting Tankchairs to injured fellow soldiers. However this noble gesture faces challenges as insurance companies classify these life changing devices as vehicles without providing coverage.

The waiting list, for those to obtain this creating of Brad extends three months long. the prices for “Tankchair” that has gained popularity among injured veterans, and can reach up the speed to 30 miles per hour, is priced between $12,000 and $15,000.

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