NBC Cancels “Unstable” Alyssa Milano’s “Who’s The Boss” Reboot

Alyssa Milano’s troubles just keep getting worse. After making a fool of herself over Elon Musk, she was served a cease and desist by Volkswagon, sued by Elon Musk, and watched in horror as her precious car caught fire in a posh Soho neighborhood.

All that bad juju hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. Joe Barro9n. entertainment director at NBC, says Milano’s “Who’s the Boss” reboot is off the table.

“She’s way too unstable to put her in charge of a huge project like that,” said Barron, “Even with Tony Danza coaching her, she’s bound to screw it up.” The show was scheduled for at least two seasons and 36 episodes. “It’s not just back-burnered. We’re scrapping it.”

There’s always a chance the show gets picked up by a streaming service. NBC’s Peacock service says it has no interest. “Milano’s show was all about wokeness. She was gonna play the wealthy single mom who tossed her husband after realizing she was a lesbian all along. Instead of hiring a hunky nanny and his cute little kid, Milano’s character was looking to hire a slightly butch but still pretty housekeeper like maybe Jo from Facts of Life and her 19-year-old daughter, Chloe Moretz.

“I’ve always wanted to do a sordid scene with her,” Milano said, “She’s a hot little ticket.”

How is this kind of thing not grooming? It is, which is why NBC finally put a stop to it. God bless America.

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