Fact-Check: TRUE – Anheuser Busch Dumped Millions of Gallons Of Unsold Bud Light Down the Drain

The Claim: Anheuser Busch Dumped millions of gallons of expired Bud Light draft down the drain.

Claimed by: Internet reporting

We rate this claim: TRUE!

Yes, keg beer expires and yes, it’s true that Bud Light sucks. Take both of those things into consideration and you have a perfectly plausible story about millions of gallons being dumped.

Add to that the audience hoping, wishing, and praying for it to be true and you have a story that is not only perfectly plausible but worthy of headline screenshotting and distribution on Twitter.

In journalism today, there really isn’t any other requirement for something to be labeled true, especially since fact-checks are considered opinion and our is clearly-labeled satire.

This latest snafu that makes the common tater salivate accompanies a slew of other stories about the company, most of which — or actually all of which — fall into this same category. It’s all as true as you want it to be, or need it to be if believing nonsense is how you make it through the day.

Bud Light hasn’t responded to our requests for comment and instead referred us to the company’s official statement to Reuters, which is actually true and makes this whole thing so much better.

Thanks for the laughs, Bud Light. God Bless America.

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