Baby Who Was Born 12 Weeks Early Sets Record For Smallest Infant To Ever Survive

When this baby was born twelve weeks before her due date, nobody was expecting her to survive. The baby was incredibly tiny, weighing just under thirteen ounces and measuring 8.6 inches long. However, little Manushi managed to beat the odds and survive birth.

Doctors warned Manushi’s parents that she likely would not live much longer after birth, but as the weeks went on, she managed to survive. Born in Rajasthan in northern India, Manushi’s entire hand was as big as her mother’s thumbnail. Since she was born so early, her vitals organs like her brain, lungs, kidneys, and the muscle of her heart were not fully developed. On top of that, her skin was not fully developed, and her entire body could shut down at any minute.

For the first few months of her life, Manushi had to be fed by doctors and nurses who gave her minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients directly into her bloodstream. Doctors gave her just a 0.5 percent chance of surviving, but that was enough for Manushi. Even though all of the odds were stacked against her, she continued to grow and develop and eventually took milk.

A few months after her birth, Manushi topped the scales at 5.2 pounds, and doctors finally gave her the okay to go home with her family! Manushi ended up setting the record for the smallest baby to ever survive birth.

We’re so glad to see that Manushi’s story had a happy ending, and we wish her the best of luck in the years to come! She’s clearly one very special and determined little girl!

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