National Women’s Team Says They’ll Walk If Lia Thomas Gets a Shot: “We Don’t Need a Ringer”

The US National Women’s Team, comprising 16 members, has taken a firm stance regarding Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer who recently made waves by winning the NCAA Championship and setting 11 world records. They have collectively declared that they will not consider trying out for the team if Thomas is given the opportunity to join.

Coach Joe Barron expressed the sentiment of the team, stating, “None of these athletes wish to compromise their sportsmanship by having to share their locker room with someone who was assigned male at birth, all for the sake of gaining an advantage. They would rather achieve success through fair competition than have an exceptionally skilled participant disrupt the team dynamic.”

A skilled athlete who vastly outperforms their competitors is often referred to as a “ringer.” The team believes that having a biological male on their roster would be perceived negatively by the world. It’s important to note that the term “ringer” typically applies to someone who is overqualified for a specific event, often in the realm of sports.

Lia Thomas maintains that there is no inherent advantage to her participation, contending that reports of her dominance are greatly exaggerated. However, her impressive collection of records and medals suggests otherwise.

In response to the team’s ultimatum, a spokesperson for the US Olympic committee expressed bewilderment about the women’s volleyball team, which was featured in the article’s image, getting involved in the matter. The spokesperson commented, “It’s doubtful she would even make the volleyball team; she’s a swimmer, and volleyball is an entirely different sport.”

As a point of clarification, it’s worth noting that in the history of both volleyball and swimming, there has been no instance of an athlete specializing in the 50-yard dash succeeding in winning medals. Truly, may America continue to thrive in the world of sports.

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