James Woods Tears Into Whoopi Goldberg: “Your Real Name is Karen”

Whoopi Goldberg got more than she bargained for when she decided to take a call from James Woods on “The View.” Woods called in to offer his opinion on Riley Gaines, who was being trashed by the show’s panel.

“I don’t understand how you can stick up for this woman who clearly doesn’t have a life outside of further marginalizing a minuscule percentage of the population,” Whoopi said, “She gave up on pursuing an actual career to pursue anti-trans activism full time.”

Woods wasted no time pointing out the obvious. “Maybe you just don’t like her because your real name is Karen.” Woods said, “And who rings out your mop when you’re done cleaning for the day?”

Whoopi decided to end the discussion since there was no way she could compete with those zingers, citing “Racist dog whistles and anti-Semitism.” We’re still not sure what she means.

The segment has already been removed from the next show, according to our insider at ABC, Tara Newhole. “They don’t allow stuff that makes Whoopi uncomfortable to make it to the broadcast,” she said, “that’s usually about half the show.”

Goldberg’s PR firm, Williams, Vanden, and Boom, refused to answer our questions and instead directed us to her private counsel, Joe Barron ESQ. “You’ve been ordered to cease and desist,” he told us. So we did.

Woods said he’s proud of the episode and hopes to be crass and ignorant in public more often. God Bless America.

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