Bud Light Now Featured at Wharton, Yale, and Harvard as “How NOT To Run a Business”

Bud Light is one of the biggest stories of 2023. Since early spring, the brand has been subject to boycotts from patriotic Americans who believe beer should be about drinking and hanging with friends and not transgender rights.

It was the picture-perfect story of failure, and now it will live in infamy as course material at the business schools of Wharton, Yale, Harvard, and several other big-name colleges across the country.

Sources say the course is being designed by anti-woke spokesman Charlie Kirk along with several of his biggest supporters on Elon Musk’s X, including Elon himself.

“I think it’s great,” said Musk, “It just goes to show you that making huge mistakes that cost a company billions is never a good way to manage.”

ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole spit coffee through her nose and little fell to the ground in laughter when she heard that Musk had said that, because…let’s just face it…”X” is a cesspool worth about a tenth of what it was before Spaceboy stepped in.

The course will also have guest appearances by Donald Trump Jr., who makes his way to campuses several times a year to score coke in quantity. Eric wasn’t invited, mostly because he’s an idiot, and rumor has it that Jared and Ivanka are in a place they can’t be extradited from, laughing at all of us.

A spokesperson for Bargain Bin Barbie Lauren BoBo said she may look into taking some courses at DeVry to see if she can get back to her education after showing what a classless tramp she is to the whole world. God Bless America.

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