Albino sisters born 12 years apart amaze whole world with their extraordinary beauty

These siblings have a unique thing in common despite having been born more than a decade apart.

A uncommon genetic disease called albinism results in a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and/or hair, giving albinos a distinctive appearance:

The fact that one Kazakh couple had not one, but two albino children 12 years apart is amazing because it’s quite uncommon to have an albino child.

Meet Asel and Kamila, the remarkably distinctive siblings who have become sought-after models:At age 14, Asel is the elder sibling.

When she was born albino, her mother, Aiman Sarkitova, stated she was shocked.

“When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics were not so developed with us,” she explained. “It is developing only now. The doctors were shocked.”

Imagine their shock when Kamila was born with the same problem 12 years later.

These two siblings together make for an amazing, striking sight, which is why they joined forces and started a modeling partnership.

Asel has been modeling since she was 10 years old, but with her 2-year-old sister by her side, her popularity has increased. On Instagram, the two have amassed over 33,000 followers.

Albinism has helped them succeed greatly, but it’s not always simple. A sensitivity to sunlight is one of the illnesses connected to the disorder.

“If I go outside in the afternoon, then I definitely apply sunscreen, put on clothes to protect my skin, headgear or use an umbrella,” Asel said.

“In the evening, when there is almost no sun, it’s much easier for me.”

They will, however, always have one other no matter what challenges life throws at them.

Albinos often feel alone because the condition is so uncommon, but these two sisters are fortunate in that they will always have a relative who shares their condition.

Ideally, their success as models will raise awareness of albinism and demonstrate how incredibly attractive albinos can be.

“Many people do not know what albinos are,” Asel said.

We think these sisters are stunning! Share this remarkable story and beautiful photos!

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