Asked My Husband To Dry The Dishes

All week I’ve cooked dinner, and all week I’ve ended up doing the dishes left over from dinner in the morning. Even when husband does the dishes, by the end of the day, there’s more that I end up doing. My routine is that I tidy up the kitchen while my kids eat their dinner in the evenings, which includes: Unloading the dishwasher if necessary.

Loading it with dirty dishes. Hand-washing pots and pans as well as the little things that are too small to go in the dishwasher. Putting away everything that’s cluttering the counters. Spraying and wiping down the counter.

So. Last night I had done the day’s dishes and run the dishwasher a few hours prior to cooking dinner. After cooking, there were more dishes. I asked my husband if he could get the dishes for me, and he said he’d do them in the morning before he went to work but he was “just so beat” that he didn’t want to do them at night. OK, fine.

This morning, he hand-washed HALF the dishes in the sink, stopping once the drying rack got full because hand-drying and putting dishes away was apparently too much effort, didn’t bother unloading what was in the dishwasher, and didn’t bother tidying up the counters. And had the nerve to say to me “see? I bet you didn’t think I would get to them this morning.”

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