Seventeen Prison Inmates Got Baptized – This Sheriff’s Office Proudly Shared Their Good News

Seventeen inmates became Christians while behind bars in a Mississippi jail. Newly baptized, they are looking to turn their lives around.

Seventeen inmates had a life-changing jail sentence after they were baptized behind bars. Knowing how transformative a baptism can be, the religious event was even celebrated by the Covington County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi.

The law enforcement department says they hope and believe this will be “the new start” these men and women need. They were baptized by the ministry that serves the Covington County facility in Collins, Mississippi.

Seventeen Inmates Were Baptized

Thirteen men and four women inmates accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Being behind bars can give some people the opportunity to reflect on their lives.

Becoming a Christian can help them turn their lives around and give them hope for the future.

The Sheriff’s office shared pictures of the momentous occasion. There were plenty of smiles on the faces of these happily soaked new Christians.

“The Covington County Sheriff’s Department is proud to report that 17 inmates were baptized today,” the Department wrote on Facebook,

People commented on the post with praise for the facility to allow this to occur and for sharing it on Facebook.

It’s so uplifting to see the support they’re getting:

Wonderful that y’all have given your heart to Jesus Christ, stay strong, say yessss to right and nooo to wrong. You will always have to make a choice 🙏❤️👍

In these politically correct times, we need to stand up and publicly acknowledge God. The Covington County Sheriff’s office proudly acknowledge this important event in the lives of these prisoners.

Some commenters banded together to get bibles to these prisoners and others so they could continue their faith journey.

These 17 men and women could use prayers from fellow Christians as they begin their new lives.

Hopefully, their newfound faith will start them on a path to turn their lives around when they get out of jail.

Let’s also pray for other prisoners who could use the love and support of Jesus in their lives.

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