These Are 10 Laugh Out Loud Church Signs You Have to Read

There’s a definite misguided perception that Christians lack humor or that we just have an awful sense of humor.

Well, we beg to differ entirely and here’s just a few church signs to prove otherwise. Scroll down and have a good laugh!

1. Mosquitoes are indeed God’s creatures but sometimes we really pray these pesky, bl ood-sucking, disease-carrying insects would’ve just missed the boat altogether. Or perhaps, as the sign below suggested, maybe Noah could’ve done us a favor.

2. Christians are capable of self-deprecating humor and this church sign says it all. Nobody likes a know-it-all, even God.

3. As school children, we were taught this simple fire safety technique of “stop, drop and roll” in case our clothes catches on fire. This hilarious church sign is a friendly reminder that no such technique will save you in the cavern of fire call Hell. Sure, it might be a scare tactic mixed with a little humor but it might get some people to church!

4. Hilarious but so true! Shoppers can save a few dollars at Walmart but we’re all sinners who need Jesus to save our souls!

5. Gosh, we’ve all been guilty of calling God’s name in vain but a threat of sitting in longer rush hour traffic will likely curb the temptation!

6. This church sign definitely speaks to the times we’re living in. Hopefully, it’ll get a few offenders to rethink about texting while driving! Save yourself literally!

7. Indeed, this church sign says it all…Jesus is the ultimate Savior.

8. Hilarious! This church sign is keeping up with the times and speaking a language that can appeal both to the older and younger generations.

Lol, what else needs to be said

10. Yikes! The person(s) who committed this egregious offense probably is regretting it now! We hope this church gets their air conditioner units replaced!

Hope this list of funny church signs gave you a few laughs! Please share with your family and friends.

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