Young actor Mustafa Mert Koç, who was born in Ankara in 1994, stepped into the sets in 2016. The actor, who gained experience with the TV series Yeter, Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır and Şahin Tepesi, made his big debut with the popular Benim Adım Melek (My Name Melek) TV series project in 2019 and 2021.

Mustafa Mert Koç, who plays the character of Ömer in this impressive drama story starring Nehir Erdoğan and Kutsi, has made a very successful career debut with his partner Rabia Soytürk.

It is also known that there are many people who are stuck with the love story of Ömer and Defne, who still remember their experiences, and watch the old episodes of the series on youtube.

Mustafa Mert Koç took a rest for a while after the project he debuted with such a strong and good acting. The actor, who also deals with music, returned to the television screen in 2022 with the character of Zafer in the TV series Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale).

Mustafa Mert Koç has now become the male lead of Yaz Şarkısı (Summer Song), one of the series that is expected to attract attention in the summer period. Fans of the actor, who will be partnering with Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, are very pleased that he has returned to the sets.

Proving himself with his talents and being very curious about his role in his new project, Mustafa Mert Koç started working with the TV series team in Rize. In the cast of the series, which will continue in Istanbul later; There are also well-known names such as Oya Başar, Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu and Zehra Yılmaz.

The series, which will tell the story of the character named Yaz, played by Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, seems to touch the lives of young people.

The adventures of Yaz character, who clings to her father’s dream and tries to make that dream come true, are eagerly awaited in Istanbul, where she came to study.

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