Stray cat refuses to eat unless she gets food in a bag

A mother’s love for her child is stronger than anything else. Often, a mom will go without so that her children can get what they need.

It doesn’t matter whether the mom is a human, dog, cat or other animal: The motherly love is the same.

Stray cat Dongsuk had been fed by the same generous woman for a long time. She was one of many cats who the kind lady took care of.

But suddenly, Dongsuk refused to eat.

After a while, the woman noticed that Dongsuk was acting strangely. She would only take food if it was in a plastic bag. Otherwise she would just stand there while the other cats ate, no matter how hungry she was.

So, the woman began preparing a bag of food to give to Dongsuk each day. As soon as she received the bag, Dongsuk would take the bag carefully in her mouth and run away.

The woman began to wonder what Dongsuk was doing with the food she received, and decided to follow her one day.

It was then that she realised that Dongsuk wasn’t taking the food for herself. She was taking it to her kitten.

Only a few weeks earlier, Dongsuk had given birth to five kittens, but tragically only one had survived.

The surviving kitten looked just like her mom, with the same orange and white fur.

Dongsuk carefully opened the bag and let the little one eat until she was full. Then Dongsuk would eat.

The woman was so moved by Dongsuk’s maternal love that she felt she had to do something to help them.

Watch the clip here bo find out what happened to Dongsuk and her kitten:

It’s so lovely to see people dedicate their lives to looking after animals who don’t have a home.

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