Farmer found newborn “puppies” in a field: after a while it dawned on him that they are not puppies!

Being a farmer means a daily commitment to your farm animals. It’s a challenging job, but it’s nice. Being surrounded by animals is undoubtedly exciting, and farmers know very well that their farm is often visited by uninvited guests looking for food along the way.

Shimoda is a farmer from China who found his peace in the countryside, that is, on his farm. While doing his daily chores, he heard unusual voices from a bush. He wasn’t sure what to expect, so he moved slowly and approached the brush to ensure what it was about.

armer found newborn “puppies” in a field: after a while it dawned on him that they are not puppies!

When he reached the big bush, he spread the grass and twigs with his hands and saw something incredible. Tiny creatures that looked like newborn puppies lay huddled together. Shimoda has several hunting dogs on his farm, so he is convinced that these are the puppies of one of them.

The man saw their mother was not in sight, but he certainly gave up on hiding from that place, hoping she would appear soon. A few hours later, their mom was still not with them, nor had she come. Then the man knew that he had to do something and carried the tiny puppies to safety.

Farmer found newborn “puppies” in a field: after a while it dawned on him that they are not puppies!
A few weeks later, the puppies had already grown, and their physical appearance did not match that of a dog. Their muzzles did not resemble a dog’s muzzle at all.

When the little puppies finally recognized themselves, the farmer concluded that he had not found dogs on his farm but, believe it or not, rabbits!

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