Real reason Kate Middleton was stopped from calling her mother after George’s birth

Kate Middleton returned to Adelaide Cottage to reunite with her family after undergoing two weeks of hospitalization following her abdominal surgery. The family of five spent several days at Anmer Hall during the children’s half-term break, indicating her ability to travel as a positive sign of her recovery.

Kate has expressed her aversion to hospital stays in the past, despite having significant experiences there, particularly giving birth to three children, beginning with Prince George in 2013.

Upon George’s birth, there was immense curiosity worldwide, yet initially, even Kate Middleton was prohibited from contacting her own mother, underscoring the stringent protocol surrounding royal births.

Kate Middleton endured a two-week hospital stay at The London Clinic before reuniting with her children, a challenging period for any parent.

The reuniting of George, Charlotte, and Louis with their mother at Adelaide Cottage allows for a return to normalcy in family life.

Despite the unique challenges of royal upbringing, William and Kate have endeavored to provide their children with as ordinary a childhood as possible, reflecting their desire to modernize the monarchy.

Before the birth of their eldest son, Kate faced difficulties during pregnancy, including a diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum, or acute morning sickness, necessitating hospitalization, an ordeal she described as “rotten.”

In a podcast interview with Giovanna Fletcher, Kate discussed her experience with morning sickness, emphasizing its varied impact on individuals and families.

According to Express, Kate shared her experience with a husband whose wife had a similar pregnancy condition, saying, “I went through that. I know what that feels like.”

In 2020, Kate Middleton appeared on Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast, Happy Mum, Happy Baby, discussing her challenging pregnancy.

“It was awful. I was extremely ill,” she stated. “Despite not eating properly, my body managed to nourish new life, which I find fascinating.”

William felt helpless seeing her suffer, unable to alleviate her discomfort.

Kate admitted she found labor somewhat enjoyable because it signified the end of her difficult pregnancy.

“It provided closure,” she elaborated. “However, everyone’s experience differs. No two pregnancies or births are alike.”

Kate turned to meditation and deep breathing to cope, finding solace in hypnobirthing techniques.

“I found meditation and deep breathing incredibly beneficial during severe morning sickness,” she explained. “While I wasn’t thrilled about being pregnant, these practices helped.”

Giovanna Fletcher inquired if her condition recurred with subsequent pregnancies.

“Yes, unfortunately,” Kate replied. “Although many endure worse, it was undoubtedly challenging, not just for me but for my loved ones as well. Pregnancy and childbirth affect the entire family.”

Kate Middleton expressed feeling “terrified” before leaving the hospital with her newborn son, Prince George.

In July 2013, Prince William and Kate celebrated the arrival of their first child, George, eagerly awaited not only as a royal heir but also as a future king.

Shortly after his birth, Prince George made his inaugural public appearance outside the Lindo Wing in Paddington, London, amid a large crowd. Kate described the experience of leaving the hospital as “terrifying.”

During an interview on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, Kate discussed the overwhelming feeling of welcoming a child into the world while knowing there was immense public interest in seeing the newborn.

She acknowledged the mixture of emotions, describing the situation as “slightly terrifying” and emphasized the importance of sharing the joy with the public, following the example set by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Kate also noted the challenges of being new parents, reflecting on the uncertainty and mixed emotions they faced.

Regarding the timeframe between giving birth and appearing on the Lindo Wing steps, Kate admitted that the experience felt like a blur, unable to recall specific details amidst the whirlwind of emotions.

She concluded, “I think, yeah, I did stay in hospital overnight. I remember it was one of the hottest days and nights with huge thunderstorms, so I didn’t get a huge amount of sleep, but George did, which was really great. I was keen to get home because, for me, being in hospital, I had all the memories of being in hospital because of being sick so it wasn’t a place I wanted to hang around in. So, I was really desperate to get home and get back to normality.”

With the birth of George, a future king entered the world. As with all royal births, security and privacy are paramount. Like other aspects of royal life, the family must adhere to strict protocols, including the announcement of new arrivals. In Kate’s case, one rule seemed particularly stringent.

Prince William was by Kate’s side for the birth of George, undoubtedly filled with joy at the sight of their newborn. While the couple likely wished to share their happiness with everyone, royal protocol dictated otherwise. Kate wasn’t even allowed to inform her own mother of the news. Why? Royal protocol stipulates that one person must be informed first – in this instance, Queen Elizabeth.

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