Pour a little salt in some corners of your house. You will be amazed at its effects

Salt has been used for a thousand of years and is being put into food we cook and for many purposes. If you look at the history of salt, you will find out more about its importance in the past. You will also learn that salt was used in different rituals over the years.

Have you ever heard that if you put salt in the corners of your house, it would instill misfortune in you? In fact, some people still consider the practice a good luck charm.

According to the former superstition, some think it happened due to Judas Iscariot spilling it during the “Last Supper.”

Others provide a more practical explanation. Accordingly, salt was an ingredient for money attraction, and spilling it signaled bad fortune and potential loss.

Now, although you might think salt is simply a way to please your taste buds, that’s not the case. In addition, even though you don’t need to put salt in the corners of your house, people still believe in its supernatural nature.

Here are a few examples:

1. Reviving Nature
Various people still believe that taking showers with salt can help rid them of negative energy. Thus, they feel light after a good salty shower.

Furthermore, some people prefer salty showers first thing in the morning. This makes them feel like they have washed off the negative energies of the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, some prefer these showers after a long tiring day at work. For them, the shower helps wash off any negative energy they have caught on during the day. They also believe salt takes away any evil eye from their aura.

2. Diminishing Evil Energy
People believe salt can purify objects from evil energy, such as black magic. Thus, if they find a thing that seems laden with this aura, they wash it with warm water.

Next, they give it another wash with salt. According to them, this can convert evil energy into positive vibes.

3. Good Luck Charm
People still believe salt can attract good things and luck into their routine. So, for example, some people carry it to a job interview in their pocket.

Others like to keep it with them during exams. They believe it protects them against hardships and trouble.

We can perform other things with salt;
– If you feel too heavily laden with negativity,put thick salt on the shower tray or bathtub,then dip it steadily,until it is undone. You will feel light and refreshed.

– Put a handful of sea salt in each of your pockets,when attending a job interview or exam,will help you achieve your goal.

– Wash with warm water and abundant salt,all objects that you feel are charged with negative energy,this will transmute it.

– When returning home after an intense day,it is recommended to spread salt in a bath sponge,add a little of the usual soap and rub the body from top to bottom,to eliminate the bad vibes that have been collected during the day.

– Pour a little salt into the entrance door. If the person who leaves our house brought bad intentions,will not return.

– Mix salt with black pepper and place in a bowl in the room or office,to repel the evil eye.

– To attract money,put laurel,rosemary and salt in a cloth bag at the entrance of your house.

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