They Should Have Looked Closer Before Taking The Picture

Having your picture taken before school is something that children have been doing since photographs were available. They may take pictures every year, but sometimes they are on special days, such as the first day of school.

Such a picture was taken in Auburn, Alabama by a seventh-grade student named Brooke Mills. She was just getting started with her school year and they thought it would be nice to take a picture in the yard in front of the tree.

The mother, ShaneJoy Mills was taking the picture of her daughter, something that is regularly done. It marked the end of summer at the beginning of a new year of school.

Some of the pictures, such as ones that were similar to this picture of the middle school are taken every year in the same location. It gives them the opportunity to see how they grow from one year to the next.

After this picture was taken, however, there was something that didn’t show up when they first looked at the scene. They looked closely at the picture and noticed something out of place.

Perhaps you didn’t even notice it when you first looked at the picture. After all, the teenager is smiling nicely for the picture and she really steals the show.

If you look closely enough, however, you will see that there is a snake behind them on the tree.

The mother said that it was scary. She took two pictures, and on the second picture, she asked her daughter to show her teeth. That is when she saw the snake on the tree.

She called her daughter over, who was confused because she didn’t think they were finished taking pictures. She had to insist that she get away from the tree, although she tried to say it as calmly as possible.

The snake blended in almost perfectly with the tree behind them. You could barely see it, but commenters on social media have said it is likely a rat snake.

The picture will still be one day remember, but they might just remember it for a different reason.

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