Martha Stewart Shocks The Internet With Her ‘Tone Deaf’ Social Media Post

In a world full of celebrities, Martha Stewart is someone who stands out on her own. She has had her share of problems over the years, including even going to prison for a while, but she still tends to be a very popular individual.

Not only is she popular because of her television shows and appearances in various magazines, she also has a large social media following as well. People are always interested in knowing what she is up to, but recently, posting a picture led to a lot of questions.

It happened on August 29, when the 82-year-old Martha Stewart uploaded a post about her trip to Greenland. Even though she was praised earlier in the year for posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, many people were calling her post on Instagram tone deaf.

A picture was uploaded on Instagram of a cruise that took her to the East Coast of Greenland. The picture is only one of several that shows her enjoying a cocktail and has the caption: “QUOTE”

Even though the post was likely meant to be harmless, some of her followers were upset that she used the ‘small iceberg’ for her drink. They felt that it was in bad taste.

Suddenly, her comment section was filled with people angry that she had talked about a small iceberg when the ice caps are melting. They said that she shouldn’t be putting them in her drink.

Others were saying that they love Martha, but wealthy people shouldn’t be drinking their iceberg cocktails while the planet is in flames. They also spoke about global warming and melting ice caps, but they use glacier ice for cocktails.

I guess this is always going to be a hot-button topic, and it will be interesting to see where it goes. More than likely, it will just eventually fade away.

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