Unusual And Rare Pictures Of Princess Diana

There are people who are photographed every day and some people may have pictures of themselves across the Internet for the world to see. One person who was photographed more than any other, however, was Princess Diana.

She holds the distinction of being one of the most photographed people in history, and you have likely seen many pictures of her circulating online or in various publications.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that there were many more pictures that were taken than what are shown on the Internet. These pictures include some that are rarely seen, but we have many of them for you below.

1. A beautiful bride to be

2. Taken shortly before her wedding day

3. The Prince and Princess share a moment after their honeymoon trip

4. When Prince Charles admitted he was unfaithful she wore this revenge dress.

5. Sitting with a local schoolgirl in India

6. Enjoying time at a polo match with the kids.

7. She loved her children.

8. Dancing with John Travolta at the White House

9. Helping sick patients

10. Freddie Mercury sneaks Princess Diana into a gay bar

11. Always fashionable

12. She ran a race for her son despite Royal protocol.

13. Having fun outdoors.

14. Enjoying some skiing

15. Touring the Western Isles in 1985

16. A picture that shows just how beautiful Princess Diana was.

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