Unveiling Willie Nelson’s artisan log cabin: The birthplace of “Shootgun Willie”

Willie Nelson’s house in Tennessee, which he built himself, was sold for $2.14 million after being on the market for four months. The house has three bedrooms and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

A fire happened at the home in 1970. When Willie saw his cabin on fire, he bravely went into the flames to save his guitar named Trigger and a pound of marijuana.

The sale happened just three months before Willie Nelson turns 90 in April. The country star, who recently appeared on Dolly Parton’s Christmas special, wrote his hit song “Shotgun Willie” after being inspired by the fire at the cabin.

Willie Nelson’s country home in Tennessee, a three-bedroom house surrounded by beautiful nature, was built by the famous singer himself. It’s just a 30-minute drive from the busy city of Nashville.

Great news! The 89-year-old singer’s house in Tennessee has been sold for $2.14 million and is no longer available for purchase. Willie Nelson was spotted in North Carolina in September 2022.

The cozy home was first put on the market in October 2022 for $2.5 million and was eventually sold for around $2.1 million.

Willie Nelson built this charming retreat with his own hands. According to People, only the country legend and the current residents have lived in the cabin.

The former home of Willie Nelson sits on a vast 150 acres of land, surrounded by lush greenery, trees, a barn, and a few ponds.

There’s a staircase leading to a spacious wooden porch, perfect for placing chairs and enjoying the natural views. The house has a unique touch with a red roof.

As you enter, you’ll find a comfortable and cheerful living room connected to a kitchen, with log details on the walls. Exposed wooden beams and a vaulted ceiling give the residents a warm and inviting feeling.

The log cabin, which the famous country icon built himself, was up for sale in October 2022 with a price tag of $2.5 million. Now, it’s off the market.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find charming details that give it a cozy country vibe. The wooden ceiling and exposed beams add a homey touch.

The kitchen is warm and classic, with cabinets and storage made of wood. Many windows let in lots of natural light. A retro-style gold chandelier hangs over the kitchen table, and there are two ceiling fans with wooden blades that match the home’s theme.

In the living space, there’s a large Persian red rug in the middle, along with a smaller matching rug near the entryway. A ladder on the wall leads up to a loft area on the second level, which is currently used as a third bedroom. The cabin has one bathroom.

The fireplace is a standout feature, made entirely of stone and giving the room a 1970s feel. It’s a special focal point in the cabin’s design.

Upstairs Bedroom: Upstairs in the house, there’s a cozy bedroom called a loft. You can get there using a wooden ladder.

Roomy Space: Inside the house, there are three big bedrooms and one bathroom. It’s a spacious place!

Old-Fashioned Touches: The cabin has cool old-fashioned details. Besides the wooden parts, there are also stone details, like the fireplace in the living room. It gives the place a bit of a classic feel.

Barn and Nature: Around the house, there’s a big piece of land with a wooden barn. It’s surrounded by shady trees, grassy fields, and you can even see rolling hills in the distance.

Aerial View: If you look at the house from up high, you can really see how much land there is. It’s a peaceful and quiet place away from the busy city.

Fire Story: In 1970, there was a big fire at the house. Willie Nelson, the singer who lived there, went back into the burning cabin to save his guitar named Trigger and even a pound of marijuana. Because of this brave act, people started calling him “Shotgun Willie.” He later wrote a famous song and album with the same name.

In 1970, there was a big fire at Willie Nelson’s old home. This event inspired his famous song, “Shotgun Willie,” and he even made an album with the same name. Here’s a picture of him in Texas in 2019.

Around the Cabin: Outside the house, there’s more to see. There’s a wooden barn and lots of trees around. You can also see fields of grass and hills in the distance. It’s a nice place!

Big Piece of Land: Willie Nelson’s old home is on a huge piece of land, about 150 acres! And it’s just a short 30-minute drive from Nashville.

Exciting News for Willie: Willie is about to hit a big milestone—turning 90 in April! And guess what? He’s going to be on the big screen!

Documentary Premiere: There’s a cool five-part documentary called “Willie Nelson And Family” that’s going to debut at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival on January 20. The documentary was made by two awesome filmmakers, Thom Zimny and Oren Moverman.

What’s the Documentary About: The documentary is all about Willie’s life—the good times, the tough times, and everything in between. It dives into his personal life and his career in music.

Who’s in It: Close friends and family who have been with Willie on his amazing journey will be part of the documentary. Willie himself is going to tell his story in his own words. This film is the first authorized work that really explores and tells the story of Willie Nelson’s life. It’s going to be something special!

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