Do you remember these? Many finds mysterious tools in his grandparents’ home

A young man recently shared an unexpected find to a buddy while searching through his grandparents’ old belongings after they passed away.

Until they discovered some information online, the two could not determine what these metal things could potentially be.

Nutcrackers are the metallic sticks. This style of nutcracker, which is most likely from the 1940s or 1950s, was used to remove the actual nut from the shell.

They make it easier to access the nut’s edible parts in general, but they are particularly useful for eating chestnuts.

Similar sets of seafood equipment, including picks for extracting the meat as well as tools for breaking shellfish, frequently contained nutscrackers like this one.

The wooden bowl that matched the nutcrackers and was fashioned to resemble a chestnut was also frequently found with them.

Many of us and our grandparents shared the same tools at home, as well as the wonderful memories they evoke!

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