Armed Robber Shot By Good Samaritan, Family’s Reaction Sparks Outrage

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in November 2013.

When Adric White broke into and entered a Family Dollar, he drew his gun and demanded that the cashier hand over all the cash. White, 18, thought he knew what he was doing when he held the employees hostage at gunpoint. He ordered them around, acting like a big shot, making demands and feeling strong when they were carried out; however, things took a twist when a Good Samaritan with a legal concealed-carry license busted out their gun and turned the tables on the young armed robber.

When the Good Samaritan came to the scene, he pointed his weapon at White and told the young man not to move. But White was not about to have his glory stolen from him that easily. Instead of listening, he whipped around to look at the Good Samaritan. Because the man with the gun had warned the robber not to move, White got filled with five bullets, which took him out and allowed others to restrain him and get his gun away from him.

While Adric White survived the shooting with five gunshot wounds, his ego took the biggest beating. He was treated at the hospital and subsequently charged with armed robbery. When his family learned about what was happening, they threw a fit – they could not believe how it was acceptable for the man with his concealed carry license to shoot White. They wanted to know why the police had not arrested him.

The family argued that the man should not have shot White. He should have simply turned around and not gotten involved in the situation. While it was admittedly risky for the Good Samaritan to pull his gun and take part in the robbery, trying to stop it, he got involved and then fired five shots when he felt threatened by White.

Because the Good Samaritan felt threatened by White and his weapon, he took the shots. And because White was waving his gun around, pointing it at the employees and threatening their lives if he did not get what he wanted from the store, it was deemed reasonable that the bystander would stand up and try to save the people who were at risk. White and his family had no real reason to back up their statement. They just didn’t like the fact that White’s plans were thwarted and he did not get away without a few bullet wounds.

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It has not been indicated where the five bullets shot White. However, he is in stable condition and expected to recover fully. He should be grateful that he got away with his life. Bringing a gun into a store for an armed robbery is always a dangerous proposition. While he did not get out of there without a few marks, he did get out of there with his life. That’s something to be thankful for.

The Good Samaritan has asked to remain anonymous. We respect that wish and have not published his name. But he wanted it to be clear that this is the first time he has had to use his concealed carry in such a way and he regrets it had to come to bullets.

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