Coach Gets A Lot Of Attention Online For This Nice Thing He Did During A Kids’ Basketball Game

Teachers are some of the most important people in society, but they get paid the least.

A person who spends their whole time teaching, counseling, and mentoring young people is a rare breed.

There are many examples of teachers going above and beyond to help their students.

For example, Jonathan Oliver, a physical education teacher at WG Nunn Elementary School in Valdosta, Georgia, was recently praised for something kind he did while leading a basketball game for kindergarteners.

If a kid asked for help, he would be happy to give it.

Oliver, Kristen Paulk’s kindergarten basketball coach, helped her when she needed help putting her hair back in a ponytail.

As he bent down to her level on a basketball and took Kristen’s hair out of her eyes, Oliver looked focused. But he wasn’t aware that he was being taped.

Kandice Anderson, one of the elementary school teachers, caught the coach’s kind action on video. After that, she put the video on YouTube, where it got a lot of good comments.

The video quickly went popular and was called “When your job goes beyond teaching!”

Good Morning America talked to the 34-year-old father of three after the clip got there.

Oliver told Good Morning America, “It shocked me that it got that much attention because we all do it.” He also said he didn’t know he was being filmed.

The teacher also said, “We want them to feel at home and like they enjoy being here.” “We love them as much as we can.” It looked like a ponytail to me.

The loving coach said that Kristen had asked for his help putting her hair up in a ponytail for a basketball game. He usually helps his daughter style her hair, but he didn’t know what else to do.

“She should have asked for a ponytail. “If it was anything else, I’d tell you to ask your mom,” he joked.

The girl’s mother, Miyah Cleckley, told the news source that the video really moved her and that she knows her daughter is safe with him. “He takes great care of Kristen, and I always know that.” It was cute because her dad does a lot of hair for them. He does all of our girls’ hair while I’m at work because we have five girls and one boy.

There are countless examples of educators going the extra mile for their kids, and this is just one of them. They are heroes, for sure.

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