Family house burns to ground with baby inside when mom sees pit bull dragging baby out by her diaper

A horrible tragedy recently struck California mother Latana Chai.

She was at home with her 7-month-old daughter Masailah when the unimaginable occurred. Masailah is comparable in size to the family’s eight-month-old pit dog, Sasha.

On June 3, at around midnight, the mother heard Sasha suddenly barking and scratching at the rear door. The dog was barking really loudly, and she noticed it. She was immediately scared. She could sense that something was off. The family’s gentle four-legged member was the complete opposite of this.

She opened the door to investigate what the dog was howling at outside when she noticed flames and black smoke billowing from the adjoining home. Latana’s house was fast being consumed by fire.

The next action Sasha took is currently being praised by animal lovers everywhere.

The story of Sasha the pit dog, who saved her family from what may have been a disastrous incident, is a good illustration of a pit bull’s love and affection.

Latana hurried upstairs to look for Masailah as Sasha was getting close to her destination.

Latana marveled as the infant was pulled out of harm’s way by the family pit bull after it chewed into her diaper.
pitbull family

The children could then be taken outdoors to safety in the mother’s presence.

Sasha’s warning saved the family from being trapped in the flames, which would have happened otherwise.

Since Sasha has been around since Masailah was born, it is obvious that the two have a unique relationship.

Just glance at the news article below.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still think that pit bulls are exclusively naturally vicious combat dogs.

Although they might have a bad exterior, many of them have kind hearts.

This incident serves as further evidence that pit bulls are fantastic family pets, if their owners raise them properly.

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