Canceled Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Wins $18 Million Judgment From Disney and Lucasfilms

When Disney and Lucasfilms canceled Mandalorian star Gina Cerano for having a personal opinion, they violated her civil rights.

That’s the ruling of Superior Federal Court Justice Joseph Barron, who awarded the star $18 million in damages and allowed her other case, against Disney CEO Art Tubolls and Lucasfilms Executive Sandy Batt, to move forward. Carano is suing them each for $40 million.

Legal analysts say this ruling will make it difficult for Batt and Tubolls to make a case. Most likely, they’ll fold and cut a deal.

Carano’s suit also demands her reinstatement with the show, something the higher-ups say they don’t decide.

“At this point, Favreau would just pack it up and go do something else rather than work with her,” an insider told ALLOD, “She’s pretty nasty. She’s not normal nasty either. She’s Trumpster nasty. Loud, obnoxious. Believes she’s the majority when she’s literally the only one like her on the set. It was pretty embarrassing. Coming back would be stupid.”

Nonetheless, that’s what she wants, though it seems more likely she’ll keep doing trash jobs for Tucker Carlson for a tenth of what she used to make so he can have a cool “canceled star’ headline, like that’s ever gonna work.

Carano says she’ll be back or the show will end, she doesn’t care. Millions of people are irrelevant because it’s her life that she has to live. She’s not wrong, patriots. They might call it selfish, but actually, it’s self-preservation. God bless America.

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