Stormy Daniels Now Facing Class-Action Lawsuit

Former pornographic thespian Stomy Daniels is now facing a massive class-action lawsuit from a large group of people calling themselves the Coalition For Truthful Affairs. The suit claims that Daniels, (real name Sandra Batt), broke her non- disclosure agreement with former disgraced President Trump, among other charges.

The lawsuit was filed in the federal court of Queefahambra, Georgia yesterday, and seeks damages in excess of eleventy-million dollars to be distributed equally among the nearly five hundred plaintiffs.

Daniels angrily addressed the suit while humping a midget in a pool of golf balls.

“This suit is a huge gangbang, is what it is. People like this are always trying to pull one over on me. And Trump, with his tiny mushroom dick was the worst lay of all time. He sat and cried for an hour and babbled about chicken McNuggets. What a loser.”

Trump has made no comment as of yet, but his indictment in the case has many wondering if he’s glooping slowly and wetly down a slippery slope.

Representative of the Coalition had a few words for Miss Daniels earlier, as she relaxed in her trailer eating Takis.

“We’re bringing the lawsuit, bitch, and you’re gonna pay for getting the pork steeple from the Tangerine King. Viva le Justice!”

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