Disney’s Re-Hired CEO Says He’s Going to “Fix the Wokeness Problem” That Ruined the Company

When Bob Iger left Disney, it went to pot pretty quick. Newly-hired lead man Bob Chapek instituted “wokeness policies” that absolutely destroyed Disney’s reputation and standing with patriotic Americans. He wanted gender-neutral bathrooms and transgender princesses, and then he banned MAGA hats a nd gear from the parks.

The last straw came when he came out against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Don’t Say Gay bill, which 80 percent of Floridians approve of. That lost the company its special status and cost them billions.

Iger says he’ll change all that. Boys and girls can now go to the restroom intended for them, and transgender princesses have to be pretty.There will be more ban on MAGA gear, and the American flag will, once again, be proudly displayed throughout the parks.

We asked Chapek on his way out how he felt about his policies being reversed. He told us wokeness will prevail and that he plans to make sure the kids at his new job, The Ark Encounter, understand that the world is a progressive place.

Iger had no comment on Chapek other than, “I had no idea he was that far left.” Iger is a registered Republican and a dear friend of former President Donald Trump. We welcome him back to the Disney family.

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