TRUE: Anheuser-Busch Fired Its Entire Marketing Department Over “Biggest Mistake in Budweiser History”

A rumor recently surfaced online that Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Budweiser, among other popular brands, fired its entire marketing department over the decision to honor a transgender person on a can of the popular Bud Light.

The campaign ended in disaster, with Kid Rock humiliating the company by shooting the crap out of a bunch of beer he had purchased for the occasion. Bud Light sales immediately dropped 80 percent, Augustus Anheuser had to issue a formal apology, and Kid Rock ultimately had the beer banned from his upcoming tour.

But did the company fire its entire marketing department over it? Yes, that’s true. The official line from the human resources department was “go woke go broke.”

We looked into the source of the rumor and tracked down the original author, who wishes to remain anonymous. In order to protect our source, we asked an independent auditor to review the piece and check the writer’s credentials, all of which came back to a person with a stellar reputation. Therefore, we stand by our rating having followed the standards of journalistical integrity.

Hopefully, the marketing department can be rebuilt to include some American values instead of the woke fads of some kids who are probably too young to drink anyway. God Bless America.

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