Kentucky AG May File Fraud Charges Against Lia Thomas

The Kentucky Attorney General will investigate if one of its citizens is a victim of fraud at the hands of Lia Thomas. AG Joe Barron says he believes there’s enough evidence to warrant an investigation.

“If Thomas is serious about transitioning back to a male after beating all of those women for a national title, that’s fraud,” said Barron, “She says she has accomplished what she wanted to accomplish, which shows malice aforethought.”

Thomas stole the fifth-place trophy from University of Kentucky superstar Sandy Batt, who recently told Fox News that losing that race and not being the fifth-best in a non-record-breaking year has left her stunned and disinterested.

“I’m just not interested anymore,” she said, “I really wanted that. I worked my whole life to come in fifth and she just comes along and ties me? What the hell?”

Thomas recently announced her decision to be a he/him again after setting pool records and winning national championships as a woman. “Now that I’m not swimming anymore,” said Thomas, “I don’t mind being 400th. I’m definitely going to still support Bud Light, though.”

AG Barron says he’ll ask the state legislature to form a task force to politicize the issue as much as possible so nobody pays any attention to the dumpster fires happening all around the GOP.

Hopefully, either way, this issue can be put to bed once and for all. God Bless America.

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