Budweiser Loses $800 Million in ONE Day

In a new record for second place of losing money, Budweiser’s latest push to “go woke” with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney has caused a massive nose-dive in their stock, and as of this morning, lost them nearly 800 million dollars. (First place is, of course, Elon Musk buying Twitter.)

Between dipshits shooting up the cans from their man caves with AR-15’s that they haven’t used in a mass-shooting yet, to other dipshits pulling their five dollars out of their E*Trade accounts that their kids bought them for Christmas, the company is suffering nationwide pain.

Conservative entertainer, if such a thing can be said to exist beyond the lethargic dimbulbs of Fox News, Kid Rock, told our own journalist Sandra Batt all about his butthurt in an exclusive interview yesterday at the Queefington Alabama Whorehouse.

“I don’t want no fruity freakshow on my cans of beer. Drag queens are a danger to society and Americer, and I’ll write a whole new song about it just as soon as I stop projectile shitting.”

Batt then produced the following meme that has been making the rounds across the internet and is freely encouraged now to be stolen and posted:

Now what was that you were saying, “Kid”?
Rock’s response to the photo was a hearty fart and a waved hand.

“I kin explain that. That was back in the good days when I was on tour and banging everything with a hole. She only got the pregnant disease twice.”

My friends, sit down and pray for Bud Light. Maybe they’ll come around.

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