Roseanne’s 1st Episode Gets More Views Than “The Conners” Did All Last Season

Roseanne Barr’s critics say she’s a “has-been.” They believe nobody wants anything to do with her.

Even after her standup routine was nominated for a Tony, they still smeared her name. After the first episode of her new show dropped, however, there’s little doubt that she’s got the eyes of an entire nation on her.

According to the ratings, episode one had more views on X than “The Conners” got all last season.

Roseanne’s spokesman, Joe Barron, says there was no doubt that the show would succeed. “This is Roseanne,” he said, “America loves Roseanne.”

The official number is so high it’s almost unbelievable. X says the video has been seen more than 114 million times, which just barely beats out the Andrew Tate interview.

Some were quick to point out that the number of people who see a post on X isn’t the same thing as the number of people who actually viewed it. “It’s a scroll ticker,” said Twitter Statistics Manager Tara Newhole, “it registers a hit every time the video appears. The show itself was watched by just about the entire population of Lanford, Illinois.”

That’s still an impressive number, patriots. Only Roseanne could pull off something so impressive. God Bless America.

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