TRUE: Gordon Ramsay Banned Megan Rapinoe For Life: “She’s An Obnoxious Clown”

According to reports from a trusted source, Chef Gordon Ramsay has banned loudmouth Megan Rapinoe from his restaurants for life.

“Chef Ramsay happened to be at his bistro in Barron, Italy when Rapinoe and some friends came in,” said someone familiar with the situation, “they were loud, disruptive, and rude.”

The celebrity cook issued Rapinoe an immediate ban from all of his restaurants worldwide, telling her, “Get out, you stupid cow.” Rapinoe left without incident.

That’s the second time Rapinoe has been kicked out of a restaurant for being a loudmouth. Guy Fieri also booted her from Flavortown, which is nearly impossible to get into.

According to ALLOD Food Reporter Tara Newhole, there’s a good chance the encounter between Rapinoe and Ramsay never happened. “The story comes from the SpaceX Mania guy, so it very well might be a random headline spit out by a fairly run-of-the-mill AI program,” said Newhole, “I can’t find any evidence that this happened in real life.”

That would be unfortunate, but it doesn’t mean we can’t hope and even pray it’s true. He called her a cow. That sounded pretty Ramsayesque. There’s always the chance that SpaceX guy nailed it.

Sadly, there’s no way to tell for sure if the story is true. We’ll just have to have faith. God Bless America.

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