Fact-Check – TRUE: Deion Sanders Suspended Two Star Players For Anthem Kneeling

The Claim: Coach Deion Sanders benched two of his best players for protesting the national anthem.

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Did Deion Sanders bench two of his best players for kneeling during the National Anthem? Yes, that’s true. According to the true news website SpaceX Mania, Sanders did, in fact, do exactly that:

Deion Sanders, with his storied career in football and now as a coach, stands at this crossroad. His decision and its implications go beyond the boundaries of a football field. It touches upon the responsibilities of a coach, the rights of players, and the intertwining of sports with social issues.

The Buffaloes, despite the tumult, have tried to move forward, focusing on their games and training. But the echo of that day at Folsom Field lingers. For the world of sports, it’s yet another reminder of its profound connection to society’s pulse. As America grapples with its identity and values, its athletes and coaches, like Deion Sanders, will undoubtedly continue to play a pivotal role in these discussions.

The story is way too long and involved but the ad setup looks pretty profitable, so the site has to be legitimate. As for the story itself, it appears this journalisticator may have invented it out of thin air, which doesn’t necessarily make the SpaceX Mania story “fake,” per se, as much as “a quality spin on an already ridiculous theme.”

So Kudos to the site’s chief journalisticator Alex Bruno for making these dumbass storylines last far longer than they would have organically. And as always, God Bless America.

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