Worker told to take patient to room, only for gripping camera footage to cause a stir afterwards

He was hired to wheel patients to their rooms and had no idea cameras were recording him.

They say that “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” and one very special man is here to prove this right.

Lindon Beckford has worked at a hospital for more than 30 years. His job is to take patients from the operation room to their ward. This may not sound like a very important position, but when you hear what this amazing man does for the people he cares for, you’ll understand that he really makes huge difference in their stay at the hospital and makes it the most pleasant and calming it can get.

He is well aware that these patients may feel scared and anxious, so he’s always going an extra mile and makes sure they feel relieved by putting a smile on their face.

The first thing he does is introduce himself to the patients. He says, “My name is Lindon and I’ll be your chauffeur.” After that he starts doing what he enjoys, and make his patients enjoy too. He sings to them. Many are so surprised by his kind act that they can’t hold their tears of joy.

Believe it or not, he does this for every patient, for nearly 31 years.

When he first started working at the hospital, singing was just something that came to him naturally, but he quickly became aware of the effect it had on the terrified patients. Very often, it happens that they start singing along, and it’s mesmerizing to watch and listen to.

Needless to say, they all feel flattered and special. They stop thinking of their problems even for a while and that means so much to them.

It really takes someone special to do what Lindon does. We definitely need more people like him in the world.

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