Miranda Lambert Changes Career: ‘I Can’t Wait To See What The Next Adventure Holds,’ she adds.

Miranda Lambert and Sony Music Nashville have chosen to part ways after two decades of collaboration. The country singer announced the news on social media.

She thanked her former label for allowing her to convey her narrative and develop a successful career over the previous two decades, expressing gratitude for reaching heights she never believed were possible.

Lambert produced several famous singles that made their way across the world, inspiring many fans along the way during her time with Sony Music Nashville.

Miranda Lambert was grateful to the Sony team for facilitating and enabling her to pursue her dreams. Her leaving was bittersweet because she had formed deep personal and professional bonds with them.

She recognized the investment of talent, finances, and time in the nine studio albums produced by Sony Music Nashville that have helped her achieve new heights.

Lambert is excited to see what other experiences and new possibilities will bring to nurture her imagination further.

Miranda Lambert, who gained phenomenal success with her record company Sony, is well-admired for her achievements in the music industry.

She has seven number-one albums, ten hit radio singles to her credit, and an impressive 70 prizes in all genres. She released her album Palomino in April 2022, which included big songs including “If I Was a Cowboy,” “Strange,” “Actin’ Up,” and “Geraldene.”

Her accomplishments have garnered her three GRAMMY Awards and the most lifetime ACM Awards (37 to date). Lambert has also received 14 Country Music Association Awards (CMA).

Miranda Lambert is marking a significant milestone in her two-decade career by hosting her Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas Residency, featuring an enthralling setlist of her greatest hits.

According to the 39-year-old country music icon, this experience has been an escape from the taxing realities of traveling, providing a much-needed vacation from the rigors of life on the road.

She mentioned that these events have allowed her to use production elements like pyrotechnics that she couldn’t use on typical tours.

Miranda also stated that she would focus on her residency in Sin City rather than the tour circuit, making it an unforgettable experience for fans.

Miranda Lambert and her partners, Live Nation Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment, have also vowed to donate $1 from every ticket sold for the ‘Miranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency’ to Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation.

This non-profit company was founded in 2009 to promote animal adoption campaigns and assist shelters nationwide with spaying and neutering activities and transportation following natural catastrophes. It has so far raised more than $6 million for its purpose.

Miranda Lambert will widen her horizons this spring by releasing her debut book, Y’ALL EAT YET? The novel will provide a profound glimpse into the life of the ACM Triple Crown winner and reveal her Texas roots and how they have influenced her personal lifestyle and professional career.

The book includes lots of recipes from Miranda’s kitchen, including Nonny’s Banana Pudding, Paw Paw’s Bar-B-Q Sauce, and Whiskey Cupcakes, as well as heartwarming stories shared by Miranda’s mother and the incredible women in their lives, with a focus on exploring the importance of women-led support systems.

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