California Inmate Confesses to Killing Two Child Molesters

A Disturbing Confession from Behind Bars

41-year-old Jonathan Watson, an inmate in California, has publicly confessed to murdering two convicted child molesters while incarcerated. In a letter to Mercury News, Watson admits to the killings and reveals that he had warned prison officials about his intentions beforehand, but his pleas were ignored.

Urgent Requests Ignored

Upon his transfer to California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran, Watson made it clear to a counselor that he urgently needed to be moved again. He expressed his concerns and even stated that he might resort to violence if his request was not addressed. However, the counselor dismissed his plea.

Frustration and Careless Mistakes

Watson was unhappy with his transfer from a single-person cell to dorm-style living at the Corcoran prison. He believed it was a careless mistake by the CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation). Despite raising grievances about the transfer, his concerns were not taken seriously.

A Provocative Act

During his stay at the prison, Watson encountered a fellow inmate he refers to as “Molester #1,” who openly watched PBS Kids, seemingly taunting the other inmates. This act, combined with the frustration over his living situation, pushed Watson to take drastic measures.

A Violent Outburst

Unable to sleep and driven by instinct, Watson decided to take action the next day. He warned a prison counselor once again, but his plea fell on deaf ears. As the situation escalated, he picked up a cane and attacked “Molester #1,” then encountered “Molester #2” and killed him too.

An Unbelievable Confession

Despite committing such violent acts, Watson’s actions initially went unnoticed by correctional officials. It was only when he approached an officer and confessed that the severity of the situation came to light. He provided a full confession to prison officials, leaving no doubt about his crimes.

Facing the Consequences

While no charges have been filed against Watson yet, he is already serving a life sentence for a 2009 murder conviction. He stated his willingness to plead guilty to the recent murders if the state takes him to court. Shockingly, he also hinted that he might resort to violence again if he is housed with child molesters in the future.

A Troubling Revelation

Watson’s chilling confession sheds light on the challenges and dangers within the prison system. It raises questions about how institutions handle the safety and security of inmates, especially when confronted with urgent pleas for assistance. The case also highlights the complexities of dealing with violent offenders and the need for better measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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